No nonsense guide to 7 great AI projects.

  • Quick to choose a 1st time project that will give you value
  • Easy to follow project plans with steps
  • Selection of potential technology choices and advice

Getting started with AI isn't easy with 85% of projects not delivering. That's why we've put together a simple guide of 7 AI projects to get started fast, achieve success and help you build momentum for your future projects.

Choose one or more of the following projects:

  1. Build an FAQ bot to streamline customer service
  2. Use AI to make your meetings more accessible
  3. Reinforce your sales process with sales AI solutions
  4. Boost the productivity of your knowledge workers
  5. Utilise intelligent insights to better visualise your data
  6. Conduct social listening to get an edge on your competitors
  7. Build in off-the-shelf AI features into your apps to improve usability